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Smart Vise, Smarter Work

Meet the VS01 by MakaGiC, a pioneering smart electric vise that is transforming how professionals and hobbyists interact with their tools. This innovative vise offers a combination of precision, versatility, and ease of use that is unmatched in the market. Whether you’re a model enthusiast, an electronics engineer, or a DIY hobbyist, the VS01 is designed to enhance your workflow and bring efficiency to your projects.

Key Features of VS01

  • Smart Interaction: Equipped with a 0.96-inch OLED display for clear, convenient setting adjustments.
  • Dual Clamping Modes: Offers both electric clamping and manual rotation for versatile operation.
  • Automatic Tightening: Core function allowing quick, adjustable jaw movement for various clamping directions.
  • Manual Operation Option: Retains traditional manual vise operation for user preference.
  • Force Adjustment/Feedback: Torque feedback feature prevents over-tightening and potential injury.
  • High-Energy Battery: Built-in 4400mAh battery enabling over 300 adjustments per charge.
  • Innovative Accessories: Magnetic peripheral interface for easy attachment of magnifying glass, LED lighting, and exhaust fan.

Icons detailing VS01 features like smart clamping, multiple modes

Cutting-Edge Clamping Technology

The heart of the VS01 lies in its smart clamping technology. The device features two clamping modes – an automatic tightening mode for rapid adjustment and a manual mode for those who prefer the traditional approach. The automatic mode is particularly useful for delicate tasks where precision is key, while the manual mode offers the tactile feedback that many users appreciate.

VS01 vise with '3D Printed Custom Jaw' label.

Designed for Precision and Safety

Safety and precision go hand in hand with the VS01. Its force adjustment and feedback system ensures that you never apply more pressure than necessary, thus preventing damage to your workpieces and potential injury. This feature is especially beneficial when working with delicate models or intricate electronic components.

VS01 device clamping a yellow object with pressure adjustment

Long-Lasting Performance

The VS01 doesn’t just excel in functionality; it’s also built to last. It houses a high-energy 4400mAh battery, capable of more than 300 adjustments on a single charge. This long-lasting performance means you can focus on your work without worrying about constant recharging.

Innovative Accessories for Enhanced Functionality

The MakaGiC VS01 has thoughtfully included a range of magnetic accessories that attach seamlessly to the VS01. These include a magnifying glass for detailed work, LED lighting for better visibility, and an exhaust fan to remove harmful gases during soldering. These additions ensure that the VS01 is not just a tool, but a complete workstation enhancer. The LED lighting attachment is particularly useful in low-light conditions, illuminating your workspace to ensure accuracy and precision. The exhaust fan is a vital addition for soldering tasks, effectively removing toxic fumes and providing a safer working environment.

3d model of VS01 device with overhead fan attachment.

Where can you get VS01 by MakaGiC?

The VS01 by MakaGiC has been launched on Kickstarter. If you want to support the crowdfunding campaign, click on the yellow button above.

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