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A New Era in Bird Watching

Introducing Birddy, the Smart Bird House that seamlessly blends eco-conscious living with cutting-edge technology. Designed by Reli, a leader in smart home innovations, Birddy offers an unparalleled bird-watching experience right from the comfort of your home. With its sustainable construction and intelligent features, it’s more than just a birdhouse—it’s a window to the natural world.


Key Features Birddy

  • Eco-Friendly Design: Made from sustainable pine wood with solar panel support for green energy use.
  • Advanced AI Technology: Identifies thousands of bird species, enriching your bird-watching experience.
  • High-Definition Viewing: Equipped with a 1080p HD camera and wide 155° lens for live streaming.
  • Motion Detection & Notifications: Stay updated with real-time alerts on bird activity.
  • Easy Installation: Offers multiple mounting options for flexible placement in your garden or balcony.

 Features of Birddy birdhouse with app for species recognition and live streaming

Smart Features for Enthusiasts

At the heart of Birddy lies its advanced AI technology, capable of recognizing thousands of bird species. This not only makes every visit educational but also truly captivating. The built-in 1080p HD camera captures every detail, from the vibrant plumage of visiting birds to the tender moments of nestlings growing up. Motion detection and instant notifications ensure you never miss an exciting visit, while the wide 155° lens offers expansive coverage of bird activities.

 Java Sparrow inside Birddy Smart Bird House

Eco-Friendly and User-Friendly

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Birddy’s design. Crafted from solid pine wood, it provides a safe and inviting space for birds. The solar panel ensures a continuous power supply, making it an environmentally friendly choice for your garden. Moreover, its skylight and clear acrylic panels create a well-lit haven for birds, enhancing their comfort and your viewing experience.

Solar-powered smart birdhouse next to a disassembled battery pack

Details of Birddy birdhouse with interior grooves and ventilation

Connectivity and Convenience

Birddy’s long-range Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to enjoy live streams and time-lapse videos directly on your mobile devices, bringing the beauty of bird life closer to you. Its easy installation process and multiple mounting options make it a versatile addition to any outdoor space.

Where can you get Birddy?

Ready to embark on a bird-watching adventure like no other? Birddy is available for crowdfunding on Indiegogo, with special offers for early backers. Join the community of nature enthusiasts and bring the magic of bird watching into your home with Birddy.


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