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Grooming Made Simple with PawSwing

PawSwing revolutionizes cat grooming by combining the natural grooming behavior of cats with modern technology. This automatic self-groomer features cat tongue-simulating combs that offer a comforting experience, closely mimicking the sensation of being groomed by another cat.

Key Features:

  • Cat Tongue-Simulating Combs: Provides a natural grooming experience, encouraging self-grooming habits.
  • Adjustable Entrance: Easily accommodates cats of various sizes, up to 40 lbs.
  • Built-in Treat Dispenser: Entices cats with treats, making grooming an enjoyable activity.
  • Auto-Hair Storage: Conveniently collects shed hair, simplifying cleanup.
  • Durable Material: Crafted from a strong synthetic material capable of withstanding significant pressure and wear.

PawSwing cat house highlighting tongue-simulating combs, adjustable entrance, and treat dispenser

Designed with Your Cat in Mind

Understanding the cautious nature of cats, PawSwing includes features like an adaptable entrance and a durable felt box that caters to their instinctual love for enclosed spaces. This design ensures that even the most hesitant cats will find comfort and security within its confines.

Detail of PawSwing cat house entrance with anti-static cloth and silicone comb

Enhancing Grooming Enjoyment

The PawSwing’s integrated treat dispenser is ingeniously designed to reward your cat during grooming sessions, making it an enjoyable experience. This feature cleverly encourages your cat to engage with the PawSwing, turning grooming time into playtime. By associating grooming with positive reinforcement, it not only promotes regular self-grooming habits but also ensures that your cat looks forward to its grooming routine, merging health and happiness seamlessly.

Close-up of PawSwing's built-in treat dispenser with digital interface

Where can you get PawSwing?

PawSwing is currently available for backing on the Indiegogo platform, offering an exceptional opportunity for early bird backers to receive up to 60% off the retail price. With a MSRP of $249, early supporters can secure their own PawSwing for just $99. Shipping for these innovative cat groomers is anticipated to begin in March 2024, making now the perfect time to support and secure this groundbreaking grooming solution for your feline friend.


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