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Unleashing Coffee Creativity with KUKU Maker

Introducing the KUKU Maker, a revolutionary coffee machine from KUKU HUB that redefines the art of brewing. It’s not just a coffee maker; it’s a gateway to a world where every coffee bean becomes a canvas for your creativity. With its advanced features and customizable settings, the KUKU Maker empowers you to experiment and create a coffee experience that’s as unique as your taste.

Key Features of KUKU Maker

  • Versatile Grind Size Selection: Choose from superfine to extra coarse to unlock diverse flavor profiles.
  • Advanced Centrifugal Pressure Control: Stable extraction pressure for consistent quality, adjustable via brushless motor speed.
  • Temperature-Sensitive Extraction: Rapid heating with electromagnetic induction, perfect for temperature-specific brews.
  • Cyclic Extraction Principle: Offers flexibility in water circulation and strength adjustment for each brew.
  • Capacity and Efficiency: Accommodates up to 300ml of water and 40g of coffee powder for optimal brewing.
  • Innovative Cleaning System: Easy cleaning with an auto-clean mode, ensuring a fresh start with every use.
  • Robust Build Quality: Crafted from corrosion-resistant stainless steel and aluminum alloy for durability and aesthetics.

"Features of KUKU Maker with images of waterproof and energy-saving design.

Precision in Every Sip

The KUKU Maker stands out with its precise control over extraction parameters. Adjust grind fineness, temperature, and pressure to suit your preferences. This machine uses centrifugal force for consistent pressure, ensuring each cup maintains the quality and flavor you desire. The cyclic extraction principle further enhances your control, allowing adjustments in water circulation and coffee strength.

Cross-sectional view of KUKU Maker showing cyclic extraction process.

Innovative Technology for Perfect Brews

Equipped with electromagnetic induction heating, the KUKU Maker heats water swiftly and efficiently, taking less than 50 seconds for espresso. Its intelligent design guarantees temperature sensitivity, allowing for perfect extractions at various temperatures. Whether you’re making a hot Americano or a cold-brew espresso, this machine adapts effortlessly to your brewing needs.

KUKU Maker with electromagnetic induction coil highlighted.


Customizable for Every Coffee Lover

With a maximum capacity of 300ml water and 40g coffee powder, the KUKU Maker caters to all preferences. Its optional 0.5mm mesh-size powder funnel is ideal for boutique coffee beans, ensuring rapid extraction without over-extraction. Use the KUKU APP to access and save your favorite coffee recipes for future brewing ease.

KUKU Maker brewing coffee, with customizable settings and results displayed.

Consistent Quality in Every Cup

Forget the startup delays and inconsistency of traditional coffee machines. The KUKU Maker’s unique heating system heats each cup individually and controls motor speed in real-time, maintaining a high degree of consistency in continuous brewing.


Hassle-Free Maintenance

Cleaning your KUKU Maker is as simple as it gets. The auto-cleaning mode ensures a thorough clean after each use. The machine’s design minimizes lime scale build-up and makes maintenance a breeze, thanks to its open water channel and simple structure.

Where can you get KUKU Maker?

Kuku Hub have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the KUKU Maker on Kickstarter. You can back the project and get up to 53% off the MSRP, just click on the yellow button above.


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