Minoumi: Handmade Cat Toys


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Minoumi cat toys are designed to keep cats, and their humans, very busy and very happy! These high-quality catnip toys, in their carefully designed shapes, fits perfectly in the interior of any home.

Every Minoumi product is carefully handmade, with loads of love, in the factory in Germany. They are constructed from 100% high-quality cotton, ensuring safety, durability, as well as preventing humidity saturation by being wrapped in water-repellent fleece. Filled to the brim with a unique catnip mix, the Minoumi toys are pyramid shaped, because we all know cats love objects that are always moving!

The distinctive catnip blend consists of dried blossoms and leaves from different catnip species, and additionally contain Actinidin and Nepetalactone, making this wonderful toy totally irresistible to any mouser! The toys are stylishly designed with carefully selected patterns that ensure they complement your home décor.

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