LaserPecker 4 Dual-Laser Engraver


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LaserPecker 4 is the world’s first dual-laser engraver that works on almost all materials.

What can you use the LaserPecker 4 for?

Want to make a custom engraving on your MacBook or custom PC? Well, the LaserPecker 4 can do the job. Thanks to its dual laser it can cut and engrave on wood, plastic, glass, metal and other surfaces. It delivers works of art that are exquisite and with implacable detail.

What is this laser special?

What is unique about this smart laser system are the 2 lasers. One is 10W and the other 2W. Similar products usually have only one laser. The smart device integrates both a fiber and a diode laser, all in one package. You can switch between the two lasers effortlessly with a single swipe on the display. The 2W 1064nm delivers pixel-perfect 8K photo engraving. This means that the images produced with the LaserPecker 4 are vivid, just like high-quality printed photos, but are permanently engraved. With the 10W one you can engrave, but also cut most materials. The maximum cutting depth is 8mm.laserpecker 4 two lasers

Thanks to its dual red light focusing, it achieves focus in seconds. The quick focus speeds up your work with no hassle.

This gadget comes with a rotary extension that enables you to engrave even on objects that are curved. Yes, even on golden rings.

The LaserPecker 4 has the ability to rotate to 180 degrees. With that feature, you can work on horizontal as well as vertical surfaces.laserpecker 4 engraving on a ring

This smart engraver is the perfect tech gift for anyone in your life who likes to invoke DIY projects. It will help them through the process from idea to creation.

Artisans who work on commercial products will also find this gadget useful. It can work on multiple objects at the same time at blazing-fast speeds.laserpecker 4 engraving on cork

The product is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter, so if you wish to contribute the link will be in the description.

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