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Revolutionizing Power Drilling

The BullseyeBore Core is an innovative drill attachment, transforming the way you drill. It’s designed to ensure that each hole you drill is perfectly straight, catering to both professional and DIY needs.

Key Features of BullseyeBore Core:

    • Innovative Laser Technology: Utilizes custom-designed low-power lasers for precise drilling guidance.
    • Dual Beam Functionality: Features Reference and Alignment Beams to ensure accurate drill positioning.
    • Extended Model Options: Offers models suitable for a variety of drill bit lengths.
    • High Accuracy: Achieves an error rate of less than ±1 degree on flat surfaces.
    • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with common commercial power drills and is easy to attach and detach.

Diagram of the BullseyeBore Core laser drill attachment with labeled features

High Precision Technology

At the heart of BullseyeBore Core is its advanced laser technology. It employs custom-designed, power-efficient red and green lasers, which project light patterns onto the work surface. These patterns provide immediate feedback on the drill’s alignment, greatly reducing the margin of error.

Ease of Use

This tool is remarkably user-friendly, designed to be compatible with your existing power drill. It operates in any orientation and on various surfaces, making it versatile for different projects. Its ease of use makes it a must-have for both beginners and seasoned professionals.

Person using the BullseyeBore Core on a drill, showing ease of attachment

Advanced Features for Enhanced Drilling

BullseyeBore Core features two types of laser beams: the Reference Beam and the Alignment Beam. The Reference Beam projects a circular pattern, which remains constant, while the Alignment Beam shows distortion if the drill is misaligned. This dual-beam system ensures greater accuracy in your drilling tasks.

BullseyeBore Core projecting a laser guide while drilling into a wall

Designed for Variety and Safety

With models catering to different drill bit lengths and a safety feature that stops rotation upon unexpected contact, BullseyeBore Core is as versatile as it is safe. Its non-contact nature ensures no damage to your work surface, and its lightweight design powered by coin cell batteries adds to its convenience.

Various drill bits fitted with the BullseyeBore Core laser guide attachments

Where can you get BullseyeBore Core?

BullseyeBore Core currently being crowdfunded on the Kickstarter platform. If you are interest in supporting the campaign, click on the yellow button above.

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