goTenna Mesh – Off-Grid Connectivity Anywhere


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goTenna Mesh was invented to solve the ‘no-service’ problem for people who traveled to out-of-the-way places where phone and internet service is intermittent or non-existent, enabling users to be connected to the world out there, even without reception or Wi-Fi.

goTenna pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth and generates its own radio signal, allowing you to send messages and GPS locations with a simple app – all this without needing any routers, towers, or satellites.

Mesh has a great point-to-point communication range, but with this revolutionary mesh networking technology, it’s conceivable to double or triple your range by “hopping” messages through other mesh units in your proximity.

This mesh system is a one of its kind ‘off the grid’ network, all stuffed into one small device. This product is available and operable internationally, allowing you to still be in contact even when camping in the darkest jungles.

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