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Can you imagine sitting in your office, but still being able to speak, see and even deliver a treat to your precious pet at home? With the Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser this is not just wishful thinking anymore, but a new reality! Your co-workers might wonder at your state of mind though…

Any model smartphone or tablet can be used to check-in or interact with your pet, no matter the distance between you. The Petzi Smart Treat Dispenser is equipped with not only a wide-angle camera with night vision but also extremely high-quality audio. You’ll also be able to capture a photo of your beloved pet in action!

This universal treat launcher can dispense any dry and crunchy treats that are 1 inch or smaller in size. It uses a dedicated iOS and Android app that not only controls the device but also allows content to be shared socially. The gadget includes a mounting kit, allowing you to position it at the optimal height for your puppy.

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