EMS Sport Suit: Muscle Activating Smartsuit


Antelope is the first technologically enhanced sportswear, embedded with muscle targeting electrodes that stimulate each of your major muscle groups. This now helps you reach your fitness goals faster than ever before and is the only wearable gear that pro-actively works to increase your strength, endurance, coordination, and speed during a conventional exercise routine.

All Antelope Sportswear products consist of unique compression fabrics with integrated electrodes and wiring, thus giving you the same feel as regular sports clothing. The Antelope Booster is an electronic unit that triggers the electronic impulses and is controlled via the Antelope APP, which is the adjustment and evaluation tool, all by using your smartphone or tablet.

These integrated electrodes are always placed on the skin in the right position and activate muscle contraction. The variety of Antelope creations you are able to choose from include the Antelope Suite, Antelope tank top, Antelope Women’s dream, Antelope Calf guards and the Antelope wings.

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