Chime Note X – Smart AI-powered Recorder & Live Translator


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Transform Your Productivity

The Chime Note X is not just a recorder; it’s a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your work and study life. With features like one-click recording, AI-powered transcription, and live translation in 107 languages, it’s your go-to device for capturing and understanding every word.

Key Features of Chime Note X

  • One-Click Recording: Instantly captures meetings and lectures, simplifying voice notes and summaries.
  • Live Translation: Breaks language barriers with real-time translation in 107 languages.
  • AI-Powered Transcription: Offers precise speech-to-text conversion in 8 ChatGPT-powered scenarios.
  • Large Storage: 64GB capacity stores up to 48 hours of audio files.
  • Privacy-Focused: Encrypts audio and text files securely on Google servers.
  • OLED Display: Shows memory and battery status at a glance for easy monitoring.
  • Portable Design: Slim 0.31-inch profile and 80g weight for easy attachment to phones.

Hand holding a phone with Chime Note X features listed

Unleash the Power of AI

Powered by ChatGPT, the Chime Note X excels in turning spoken language into precise text. Whether it’s a fast-paced meeting or a detailed lecture, its intelligent transcription ensures you won’t miss a beat. The automatic summarization feature is particularly useful, converting long conversations into digestible bullet points.

A smartphone displaying Chime Note X's AI capabilities

Communicate Without Borders

Facing language barriers is a thing of the past. With its ability to instantly translate between 107 languages, Chime Note X ensures you can communicate effortlessly anywhere in the world. This high-quality translator keeps conversations flowing, making it indispensable for travelers and international professionals.

Chime Note X's back with labeled feature indicators

Designed for Convenience

The Chime Note X is as practical as it is powerful. Its magnetic attachment system securely fastens to your phone, doubling as an emergency charger with its 3000mAh battery. The slim design and light weight make it easy to carry, ensuring you’re always ready to capture important moments.

 Close-up of the Chime Note X's wireless charging coil

Secure Your Data

Privacy is paramount in today’s digital world. Chime Note X takes this seriously, encrypting your recordings and text files before storing them securely on Google servers. With the ability to control and share your data securely, you can communicate and store information with peace of mind.

Where can you get Chime Note X?

Available for backing on Kickstarter with early bird deals at 42% off the MSRP, this gadget is a smart investment for anyone looking to boost productivity and overcome language barriers. Shipping is estimated to start in July 2024, making now the perfect time to secure your device and join the future of smart recording and translation.


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