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Overview of modue

modue redefines digital interaction for creators and gamers. It’s a customizable, modular control station that allows personalization to suit individual needs. Each module, from the One Touch to the Slide, Click, and Spin, is crafted with precision, offering seamless and intuitive control in various applications.

Animation of modue changing different modules

Key Features modue

    • Modular Design: Customize your digital workspace with mix-and-match modules.
    • One Touch Module: Central unit with multi-touch control, widgets, and USB-C connectivity.
    • Slide Module: Motorized linear potentiometer for precise control in apps.
    • Click Module: Equipped with four mechanical switches and a magnetic smart toggle for diverse functions.
    • Spin Module: Three clickable knobs with RGB LEDs for creative and smart-home controls.

Icons representing features of Modue devices like modular and multi-platform

Designed for Efficiency and Creativity

With its magnetic modular design, modue provides the flexibility to build a setup that adapts to current tasks and evolving preferences. This not only enhances efficiency but also boosts creativity, allowing users to tailor their experience precisely.

One Touch: The Heart of modue

The One Touch module is the core of the modue system. It’s a multi-functional command center with customizable widgets for quick access to time, weather, notifications, and more. It also includes a USB-C port for easy connectivity to your computer.

modue's touch module

Slide: Precision and Control

The Slide module is perfect for those who demand precise control. It features a motorized linear potentiometer and a touchscreen, ideal for creating shortcuts in various applications. Whether adjusting volume or switching tabs, Slide offers a smooth, intuitive experience.

modue's slide module

Click and Spin: Enhanced User Interaction

Click is designed for quick, decisive actions, with four mechanical switches and a magnetic smart toggle switch. Spin, on the other hand, features three clickable knobs with RGB LEDs, ideal for controlling functions in creative software and smart-home devices.

modue's click module

Versatility and Ergonomic Design

modue’s innovative design includes gold-plated spring-loaded connectors on both sides, catering to both left and right-handed users. This feature ensures a comfortable and efficient setup, providing versatility to every user.

Three Modue control sets for gaming, editing, and office labeled with features

Where can you get modue?

modue is available for backing on Kickstarter. Various product combinations start at €119 for the One main module and €299 for a 3 modules set. To learn more and support the project, click on the yellow button above.

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