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Imagine never having to tie the laces on your shoes again. With the all-new Zubits shoe closures, this time-consuming chore has now become a reality. Zubits are two magnetic units that you lace onto your shoelaces. Once in place, it provides you with a snug fit, and it looks way better than those old double knots you used to make.

Zubits come in three different sizes, all depending on your age and range of activity. You can now also choose between six different colors, including black, white, pink, and blue. Zubits are designed and manufactured to be durable and sturdy for their size and will hold your shoe secure while running and jumping. Once you step on your heel, the force used is much higher, and Zubits will split open.

When your newly installed Zubits are separated, it creates a huge opening that makes slipping into your shoes easy. When closing, just pull the magnets together, and they attach themselves, but once you step out the magnets will split again.

Zubits give your shoes a cleaner look, almost a display shoe look, are long-lasting, can be used repeatedly, and even used on more than one pair of shoes. Zubits are a custom fit, seeing as you determine the tightness and comfort level when laced into your current shoelaces.

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