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Overview of Phrozen Arco 3D Printer

The Phrozen Arco 3D Printer emerges as Phrozen Make’s pioneering venture into FDM 3D printing. It’s designed to cater to the evolving needs of printing enthusiasts and professionals who seek precision, versatility, and speed in their projects. The Arco’s introduction is not merely a step into FDM printing but a leap into a future where creative potential is boundless.

Key Features of Phrozen Arco:

  • Multicolor Printing: Achieve vibrant prints with up to 4 colors simultaneously, expanding to 16 colors.
  • Expansive Print Volume: Offers a generous 300x300x300 mm³ space for larger or multiple prints at once.
  • Hyperspeed Acceleration: Boasts up to 30,000 mm/s² acceleration with printing speeds of 600 mm/s.
  • Patented Cooling System: Features a design that ensures consistent extrusion and performance, even with flexible materials like TPU.
  • Enhanced Stability: Low-gravity base and thickened aluminum stands for superior stability during printing.

Infographic highlighting Phrozen Arco 3D printer's features, including speed and multi-color printing.


Revolutionizing Color Printing

Central to the Arco’s appeal is its multicolor printing capability. This 3D printer allows for up to 4 colors in a single print, with ambitions to expand to 16 colors. This feature opens up a new realm of possibilities for designers, educators, and hobbyists to bring their ideas to life in vibrant color. The AMS system and the potential for future expansion underscore Phrozen’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in 3D printing.

Assorted 3D-printed objects displayed on a table, showcasing Phrozen Arco's capabilities.

Unmatched Printing Capabilities

The Arco doesn’t just impress with its color printing capabilities; its expansive 300x300x300 mm³ print volume and hyperspeed acceleration of up to 30,000 mm/s² set new standards in the FDM printing world. Whether you’re creating large single pieces or multiple parts simultaneously, the Arco makes it possible with ease and efficiency.

Comparison of Phrozen Arco's 60% larger print volume against a standard size.

Innovation at Its Core

Key to the Arco’s performance are its patented cooling system and enhanced structural design. The cooling system significantly reduces the risk of failure when printing with flexible materials like TPU, ensuring consistent quality. Meanwhile, the printer’s low-gravity base and thickened aluminum stands ensure stability and minimal wobbling, even at high speeds.

Phrozen Arco 3D printer's bed undergoing a 25-point calibration process

Personalizing Your Experience

With the PIXUP Slicer software, users can easily manage multicolor prints, adding a personal touch to everything from prototypes to artistic creations. The software’s intuitive design makes it accessible for both novices and experienced users, ensuring that anyone can achieve professional-quality prints.

Where can you get Phrozen Arco 3D Printer?

The Phrozen Arco 3D Printer is available for backing on Kickstarter until April 7, 2024. Join the vibrant community of backers and be part of the next evolution in 3D printing technology.


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