Manta Sleep Mask – World’s 1st Modular Eye Mask for Sleeping


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This premium designed sleep mask will ensure you get in all your beauty sleep while on your travels. It provides 100% blackout (no pesky airplane light filtering through); it’s beautifully designed to prevent any pressure on your eyes; fully customizable, ensuring you have the perfect snug fit; and it’s suitable for all sleeping positions – stomach, back or side.

Additional features worked into the design include the fact that it encourages a REM state – that often elusive reenergizing sleep cycle; it’s made from light, breathable material, it won’t smudge the beautiful ladies makeup, and the designers promise that it fits every conceivable shape of face on the planet. It fastens with a micro Velcro strip – no more hair pulling (oh, the joy!)

Manta Sleep Mask was fashioned with your well-being in mind, and the company even throws in a mesh carry case which doubles up as a machine washable laundry net.

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