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Effortless Hair Loss Treatment with Rootique

Are you tired of messy hair loss treatments that require strict adherence and yield minimal results? Look no further. Rootique is here to change the game with its pioneering hair loss treatment device, Rootique DUO. Designed to simplify and enhance the application of topical hair loss treatments, Rootique DUO utilizes advanced technology to optimize the performance of hair tonic and boost the chances of achieving successful hair growth.

Key Features:

  • IntelliMist technology for targeted delivery and 3.5x absorption boost
  • DuoTrace system for precise application and 56%+ hair tonic utilization rate
  • 660nm Red Light Therapy for stimulating hair follicles and promoting healthier hair growth
  • Effortless one-handed operation in just 15 seconds
  • Compatibility with Minoxidil and other hair tonics
  • Durable and sleek design for long-lasting use

specs of Rootique

The Power of IntelliMist Technology and DuoTrace System

Rootique DUO is powered by IntelliMist technology, a world-first innovation that delicately delivers hair tonic straight to where it’s needed most. By breaking down the hair tonic into 0.005mm fine micromolecules, DuoTrace system ensures seamless, targeted delivery, enhancing absorption and avoiding mishaps like flowing onto the face and hands. With a 3.5x absorption boost, Rootique DUO maximizes the effectiveness of your hair loss treatment.

Efficiency, Precision, and Convenience

Say goodbye to the hassle of messy applications and wastage. Rootique DUO’s DuoTrace system, with its unique patented design, perfectly parts the hair, mirroring the subtlety of a finger’s touch. This precision application reduces waste by 60%+ and prevents insufficient use, ensuring that every drop of hair tonic is utilized effectively. The one-handed operation makes it effortless to apply the hair tonic in just 15 seconds, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your daily routine.

Unleash Scalp and Follicle Vitality with 660nm Red Light Therapy

Rootique DUO goes beyond just delivering hair tonic. Powered by 660nm red lights, it stimulates your hair follicles for healthier, fuller hair growth. Harnessing the science of red-light therapy, this gadget unleashes radiant hair health and vitality, giving you the confidence to embrace your hair’s full potential.

Compatibility and Versatility

Rootique DUO is compatible with Minoxidil and other hair tonics, giving you the freedom to choose the treatment that works best for you. Whether you’re using Rootique DUO as a standalone treatment or in conjunction with other products, its efficiency and precision guarantee optimal results.

Rootique storage tank

Where can you get the Rootique?

Rootique DUO is currently being crowdfunded on the Indiegogo platform. If you decide to support this campaign, you can get this gadget with a 40% off the regular price. If you are interest, click on the yellow button above.

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