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Effortless Lawn Maintenance with YUKA 3D

Experience the future of lawn care with the YUKA 3D, a revolutionary robot lawn sweeper from Mammotion. Designed to simplify lawn maintenance, YUKA 3D is the perfect blend of advanced technology and user-friendly features.

Key Features of YUKA 3D:

    • 3D Vision Navigation: Precise and efficient navigation without the need for perimeter wires.
    • Self-Emptying Technology: Automated emptying for uninterrupted lawn care.
    • Multi-Zone Management: Customizable mowing schedules and zones for targeted care.
    • Obstacle Avoidance and GPS Tracking: Advanced safety and location tracking for a worry-free experience.
    • Eco-Friendly and Energy Efficient: Promotes a greener lawn care routine with reduced emissions.

Yuka 3D features collage with various functions

Advanced Navigation and Coverage

The core of YUKA 3D’s excellence lies in its 3D vision navigation system, enabling it to maneuver around your lawn with unparalleled precision. Unlike traditional mowers, YUKA 3D requires no perimeter wires, ensuring effortless setup and operation. Its sophisticated sensors and GPS tracking not only avoid obstacles but also ensure complete lawn coverage, even in complex landscapes.

Autonomous Yuka 3D mower on half-mapped lawn

Self-Emptying for Continuous Performance

YUKA 3D takes convenience to the next level with its self-emptying technology. It automatically empties its leaf basket, allowing for continuous operation without manual intervention. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger lawns or during heavy leaf fall seasons.

Yuka 3D mower emptying leaves with text overlay

Customizable Lawn Care

With the multi-zone management feature, you can tailor YUKA 3D’s operation to different areas of your garden. Whether it’s regular lawn mowing or targeted leaf clearance, this smart system adapts to your specific lawn care needs. Set different mowing schedules and sweep modes for each zone using the intuitive Mammotion app.

Yuka 3D mower on grass with text "Carpet-like Lawn"

Eco-Friendly and Safe

Emphasizing eco-friendliness, YUKA 3D operates with zero emissions, making it a cleaner alternative to gas-powered mowers. Its advanced obstacle detection and avoidance system ensure safety for children and pets, while the GPS tracking provides added security against theft.

Where can you get YUKA 3D?

Mammotion have launched a crowdfunding campaign for the YUKA 3D on Kickstarter. You can back the project and get the gadget at a discounted price, just click on the yellow button above.

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