Simply Clean® – Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


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No scooping, no odor, no mess! Yes, that is indeed what you will get when you invest in an innovative, self-cleaning litter box called the PetSafe Simply Clean Litterbox System! This remarkable invention is quiet as a mouse, all whilst cleaning continuously and automatically.

It has a slow-moving conveyor system that regularly sifts the litter while removing waste, always leaving the litter box clean and smelling fresh. The system is excellent for cats up to 15 pounds and works exceptionally well in multi-cat homes.

The bowl moves one full rotation per hour and reduces foul odors and odor-causing bacteria. The waste container can be lined with recycled shopping bags, ensuring an environmentally friendly gadget for your home.

The PetSafe Simply Clean Litterbox System is for indoor use only and comes equipped with a 6-foot cord. Each system includes a litter box with a bowl, conveyor and waste bin, a litter bowl guard, a low voltage AC Adapter and of course a product manual. Your nose will thank you for this purchase!

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