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A Modern Take on a Timeless Game

GoChess redefines traditional chess with its automated, self-moving pieces, making every game more intriguing. Integrated with AI and online connectivity, it offers a unique blend of classic strategy and modern technology.

Labeled features of GoChess board highlighting technology sensors.

Key Features of GoChess :

  • Self-Moving Pieces: Automated movement for an enchanting game experience.
  • AI and Online Integration: Play against sophisticated AI or connect with players globally.
  • Advanced Light System: Onboard lighting provides coaching, training tips, and move scores.
  • Smart Sensors and Connectivity: Track and record moves for analysis and online play.
  • Premium Design: Combining sleek, modern aesthetics with high-quality materials.

Technical Specifications of GoChess

Intelligent Gameplay

The board’s intelligent design is highlighted by self-moving pieces, powered by an intricate system of robotics beneath the surface. This feature not only adds an element of wonder but also enhances the gameplay, making it smooth and responsive.


Connect and Compete

GoChess is not confined to the physical board. Its online connectivity allows you to play against others around the world or challenge the built-in AI. This feature makes GoChess a globally connected platform, expanding your horizons beyond the traditional game. Connect with players worldwide or engage in online tournaments. This global connectivity fosters a diverse chess community, allowing you to test your skills against a myriad of players.

Player using GoChess to play remotely

Training and Development

The onboard light system serves as a personal coach, offering insights and suggestions to improve your game. Whether you’re a beginner or advancing towards mastery, GoChess provides a tailored learning experience, elevating your skills one move at a time.

Person playing GoChess with illuminated move suggestions

Design and Craftsmanship

The chessboard boasts a premium design, combining a sleek, modern look with the warmth of traditional chess. The quality of materials and craftsmanship ensures that GoChess is not just a game but a piece of art.

Where can you get GoChess?

Particula have started a Indiegogo campaign for GoChess. If you decide to back their project, you can get up to 28% off the MSRP. The project is in INDEMAND phase, so you can still pledge to it. Shipping is expected to start June 2024. To learn more and back the campaign, click on the yellow button above.

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