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Unleashing Creativity with Longer Nano

The Longer Nano stands as a pinnacle of portable laser engraving, offering technology enthusiasts and creators alike the chance to bring their visions to life with unparalleled precision. Its sleek design marries simplicity with sophistication, catering to both beginners and experienced users. Whether you’re at home, in a workshop, or on the move, the Nano adapts to your creative demands, enabling personalized designs on a plethora of materials.

Key Features of Longer Nano

  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, enabling engraving on-the-go.
  • High-Speed Engraving: Achieves speeds up to 2200mm/s, ensuring efficient and precise results.
  • Versatile Material Compatibility: Works on metals, ceramics, wood, leather, and more for diverse project possibilities.
  • Advanced Technology: Features a Galvo system and supports Lightburn & LaserGRBL, plus its own LaserBurn app for ease of use.
  • Expandable Engraving Area: Comes with an extension rod to increase the engraving area up to 100*300mm for larger projects.

Collage showcasing features of the Longer Nano laser engraver

Designed for Flexibility

This engraver isn’t just about portability; it’s a testament to versatility. With the capability to handle materials ranging from metals and ceramics to leather and wood, the possibilities are endless. The Longer Nano pushes the boundaries, allowing you to transform ordinary items into unique, personalized treasures. Its claw attachment further diversifies its utility by enabling the engraving of curved surfaces, adding a new dimension to your creative projects.

Longer Nano engraving a pattern on a wine bottle

Speed and Precision

Speed without precision is meaningless in the world of engraving. The Longer Nano excels at both, boasting an impressive engraving speed of 2200mm/s without compromising on the fineness of your artwork. This ensures that your projects are not only completed efficiently but also with the accuracy and detail they deserve.

Longer Nano laser engraver in action with a timer on a smartphone

Technology at Your Fingertips

Integration with industry-standard software like Lightburn and LaserGRBL, as well as the proprietary LaserBurn app, makes the Longer Nano a versatile tool in your design arsenal. These software solutions offer intuitive interfaces and extensive features, simplifying the engraving process and enhancing your creative freedom.

Expanding Your Creative Realm

The inclusion of an extension rod to expand the engraving area up to 100*300mm opens new avenues for larger projects. This feature, unique to the Longer Nano, ensures that your creativity is not confined by size constraints.

Paper bust of a humanoid figure among mechanical gears made with Longer Nano

Where can you get Longer Nano?

Available on Kickstarter and soon to be featured on the Longer website, the Longer Nano is accessible to creators worldwide. Its affordability and advanced features make it an excellent addition to any tech enthusiast’s toolkit. Start your journey towards precision crafting by securing your Longer Nano today.


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